How 7 cultists was killed by their rival in Agbarho town last week (See pictures)

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On Tuesday night after enough gunshot exchange of bullet from two different cult group fully known and recognized as Aiyez and Badger we found dead bodies the next morning.
OGdoings made a discovery that a cultist group named Bargers was trying to obtain a phone from a boy in Aiyez, so he disagreed due to arguments and struggles with him they shot him dead. The information got the the house that one of their favorite member is dead, so they set out for revenge and they killed 7 Bargers that night and place their different bodies in different junction in Agbarho town, they cut one of their penis and placed it on his head.
They called them for settlements and They said that is the beginning because before they will settle they must kill the same rate at which Aiyez did to Bargers 

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