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A disc jockey has been reportedly killed during a concert by a mob which pounced on him for ‘playing boring music’.
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Jerry Okirwoth, a Ugandan student who has been working as a part-time disc jockey (DJ), in one of the disco halls in Akworo Sub-county in Nebbi District has been killed during a show.
According to The Monitor, the mob that killed Jerry Okirwoth on Wednesday, accused him of failing to play their favourite music. The crowd pounced on him and he fell unconcious at the scene. He was later pronounced dead.
Mr William Bob Labeja, the Nebbi Resident District Commissioner, blamed the management of the disco hall for failing to protect the budding DJ.
“As the head of security in the district, I will no longer allow any disco operators to conduct their businesses in the sub-county and anybody who defies the directive will be prosecuted,” he said. “All disco halls in all sub counties must be closed because they are causing insecurity and redundancy among the youth.”
He said that over five people have been killed in district in the past week.
Mr Bosco Okwai, the Ndhew Sub-county chairman said that in 2011, they passed a bylaw that stopped the issuance of licenses to disco operators in the sub-county.
“We want all the local leaders to report those who defy the bylaw,” Mr Okwai said.
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