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Checkout top 6 signs to know cultists

Top 5 signs to know that someone is a cultist

Checkout top 6 signs to know cultists

As a Nigeria student or parents they are some signs/symbols we all need to know so we won’t find ourselves doing it and ending up in trouble.

The main reason why some people go into cultist are because of power, riches and prestigious status in the society, Cultism is a religion believed to be secret actually it involves caring out ritualistic practice, usually they share common ideas.

Cultists are known with their dress codes and different signs/symbols or handshakes, if any of your friends are known for a particular cloth he/she is likely to be a cultist, without further ado lets show you the signs to know a cultist.

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This confraternity was found in Nigeria in the year 1970s to fight against racism and depression, today their name appears worldwide in criminal activities.

In the 1970s Nine Nigeria students found it as fraternity called Neo-Black Movement of Africa (NBM), it’s logo is a axe smashing the shackle of a colonialism chain, they swear to fight racism and depression not only in Nigeria but in the continent but today it has been reported with different cases of criminals, fraud, drug trafficking etc

Their sayings include,

  • Mercy is for the weak,
  • Dogs must eat dogs,
  • The strong embrace death, etc.

Their slangs are;

  • Ju/jew (name): someone who has not been initiated / real name.
  • Injew: member of a different cult group
  • Egede: Originally used for the greeting with the clash of forearms, more recently also used for drums. etc

Their dress code is a uniform of sorts that consists of black, white and yellow clothing (black trousers, white shirt, yellow tie, yellow ribbon on cap) which symbolizes the following: Black signifies identification with the black race and the dignity thereof, white signifies peace and purity of mind and body, yellow signifies intellect. The color of the regalia depends on the rank of a member.


This confraternity is also known as the De Norsemen Club of Nigeria which was formed by three young men in the university of port harcourt in the year 1982.

List of other names are aromate, adventurers, vultures, etc.

Their sayings include,

  • Blood on the high sea singing songs
  • To hang a leg even in the face of death


This confraternity was also found by a group of students in Nigeria in 1965 also known as the National Association of AIRLORDS with logo like bones and anchor, It`s a clear resemblance of “skull and bones, which was found by three students, this students aspired for self developments, members are normally called Airlords, Flyers, Air force etc

They have slangs such as;

  • Brotherhood
  • No Friend No Foe etc.


This is the first Nigeria cult group, they are two main symbols of this cult group which are bones and anger. The main aim of this cult is that they fight against tribalism and conviction thus spreading the ideas of brotherhood, partnership and knight hood, however at a point this mission was not achieved as there was a break away from the group which led to creation of several cult group. Since the breakaway the cult has been associated with violence related activities in schools however the cult claims they no longer operates in schools.


This confraternity is also popular in schools of Nigeria which was formed by students who broke out from the Pyrate Confraternity in 1973 when two students was expelled as a result of not meeting academic standards for membership set by the sea dogs, at a point the Buccaneers overthrew the biggest opponent of the pirates because they knew their settings which later led to violence.

Their members are called;

  • Fine boy
  • Bucket man
  • Alora
  • Lords

Their slangs are;

  • No Price No Pay
  • Blood for blood
  • No laughing on board
  • No brothers in the wood.


Black Bra Confraternity. Females are not also left out in cult activities in Nigeria, and Black Bra is one of the popular female cult groups in Nigerian universities meant for female cultists in the country. Members of this cult are always cloths down with black bra and all black.

Other signs to know cult members are:

Scars: Initiation of members comes with beaten and severe punishment which could land permanent cut on the new members face or or public part of the body.

Spontaneous Decisions: The cults makes propels them to take spontaneous decisions where they can disappear from school for like two days without informing anyone.

Nicknames: Member of the most cults are not usually called by their real name depending on the cult group. They answer a normal nickname but can’t be use as joke.

Lingo: They communicate with their members with a type of language not common in school.

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