Trending Slangs: The meaning of Benefit Boys and SBA Boys

Benefit Boys

Benefit Boys
Benefit Boys and SBA Boys

N:B- These photos are not implying that they are benefit boys or SBA boys, they are just used because they are the trending photos online, representing the slang).

The word “Benefit boys” or “SBA boys” is the new slang in town. I know you may have seen it in one or two places, and you are wondering what it means. Let me explain the meaning to you in it’s simplest form.

Benefit boys are simply young boys who are involved in illegal online activities. What they do is that they ask their clients who are citizens of America to collect the money the government of America gives it’s citizens during this pandemic period. The money is called “Benefits”. The boys will then convince their clients so they can register their details for them so when the government sends the money it will now look as if it was sent by the Boys, so this will make the clients gain trust for the Boys and they will send the money to the Boys thinking it was meant for them after collecting the part they promised the client.

SBA boys on the other hand, are the ones that will convince their clients to go collect loan for business. After collecting the loan, they will then convince their clients to send it down to them.

Please let’s try to speak against illegal online activities, as it is tarnishing the image of the country. “SAY NO TO BENEFIT BOYS, SAY NO TO CRIME

Benefit Boys