Tunji talks about the cause of recent WAEC paper leakage

Tunji Ajibade

Tunji Ajibade

Tunji Ajibade is an official of the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) was recently on TV where he explained what brought about the exam paper leakage.

He explained that, that materials are released to exam supervisors an hour before exams start. After the question papers arrive at exam venues and are distributed, some take pictures of the papers and post them online

Mr. Tunji further said that exam supervisors are nominated by their respective state Ministry of Education.  These supervisors are warned to not allow students to enter exam halls with any digital devices with which they can take pictures of exam papers. Some supervisors don’t follow the guidelines.

He also said they could trace where the leakage started from and those involved, that some people were apprehended during the exam.

Many of the stories I hear about ‘leaked’ exam papers are strange to me. In all my years in school, I was never informed that one could pay money either to get an exam paper or get admission into an institution. Rather, I looked for what the requirements were and I prepared myself accordingly. These days, the virus of buying examination marks and admission into institutions is being passed on from one generation to the next. Those who want to do what is right in academic environments tell me the challenges they face. They’re regarded as the devil. Those who collude to compromise exams are the angels to students and parents. This virus is more widespread than COVID-19, and it can destroy a nation much faster. We see it in action around us.

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