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Jimmygid – Higher Lyrics

Jimmygid - Higher

Jimmygid – Higher Lyrics.

Burn me kpo make I blow
I want am overdose
One high way on a low
5 pkoli for the road

God nae wear me polo
I get confidence so
Before them pass you the bow
Tell them I already know

I no want shere today
I no come relate the gain
But I go tell you The pain
I’m only chasing the fame

First turn me Hennessy
Mix am with some Andrea
Lifestyle Dey for debate
Leave their kind to relate

Hook: I’m on my way (Higher Higher)
I dey d place Dey (fire fire)
I Dey the plane ( Higer higer)
I no Dey play ( wire wire )

Verse 2 :
Tell them I’m not alone
Bad vibes stay off my zone
They can’t break non of my bones
Cuz you can’t call on my phone

Fake friends leave me alone
They can’t see me I’m a ghost
I tie them yes I am bold
They cannot take off the fold

If yo looking for me call me later
I am busy cuz I’m calling paper
Poor you child you got haters
Them wan put me down undertakers

I want kele tonight
I’m so low make I high
Magic moment will be nice
Mix am with bucket of ice


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