Av – Big Thug Boys Lyrics

Av - Big Thug Boys

Av – Big Thug Boys Lyrics.

Verse One

If you get a woman, hold am tight o.

Me and my guys we dey for bike oo.

Na her allocation dey for mind o.

If you live your woman she go off pant o.

mmsssseeeew Kpa.

No b lie o.

We go use the raba blind her eyes o.

Me and my guys we no Dey smile o.

Big thug boys we no Dey lie o


Big thug boys we no dey fear nobody.

And you see wahala we get am full for body.

Only one thing we no dey like na police.

One wrong move you turn to my enemy.

So make u no try me.

Oya na


The thing dey do me hit me like kpongo (kpongo)

Abegi bring another shayo oshe o

Take your lady to the Condo (condo)

If we dey hit her she dey shout mogbe o

Oshe mukere muke

Magbele mukere muke oho

Magbele mufere mufe o

Verse Two

We dey wear coat we dey wear ice o

All of our enemies dem broke die o

No competition no denial

Una be shitters we be lions

Say we dey fly high mehn we never fly low

If we dey move we no dey fear go slow

No competition no denial

Una be shitters we be lions

Repeat Hook
Repeat Chorus (x2)



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